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The Americas

From October 2019 to March 2020 I was solo-cycling through the Americas; from the Bronx Zoo in NYC towards Karukinka Natural Park at southern tip of South America. After 7,000 miles of cycling, I made it to Chile, but was forced to evacuate due to the Coronavirus 


Why spend 5 months cycling through the Americas?

I've dedicated the past ten years to studying urban ecology and connecting people to nature in NYC to contribute to a more equitable and environmentally sustainable future. I took a leave of absence from WCS to step outside of the familiar, challenge myself mentally and physically, and see first-hand the changing Human Footprint at a continental scale.

Coaching and Advising

Since returning from South America, I've become a USAC certified cycling coach and now help others realize their own goals; however small or large they may be. 

Check out my daily route below or on Strava

Check out my planned route below or on Komoot 

In addition to all of the friends, family, and mentors that helped me, I want to extend my thanks to Trek Bicycle Chelsea, especially Travis Torsky, for support on the bike-build and Greg Waggoner for coaching.  

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