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Team Coaching

The team coaching model provides groups with a daily training schedule and weekly coach-led discussions aimed at developing confidence, knowledge, and ability to self-coach. 

Training Schedule

Weekly training plans will generally fall into the preparation/base phase, of a periodized model, by emphasizing overall fitness and including a combination of bodyweight training, weights, cycling, running, and cross-training outside (e.g., hiking). Workouts would include a combination of instructor-led Peloton classes (e.g., challenge rides, strength sessions, and runs) as well as additional custom workouts developed that provide training beyond the scope of what peloton currently offers (e.g., lower body ‘heavy-build’ strength program on Tuesday’s). Training plans are provided in Training Peaks, a comprehensive training calander.  


Further customization will be offered for those interested in training more hours or an emphasis on cycling or running (see below). Basic equipment needed would be a bike/peloton and dumbbells. Dumbbell weight requirements depend upon the individual’s levels of strength. Additionally, it is recommended that a doorframe pull-up bar (e.g., here) and TRX or gymnastic rings (e.g., here) be purchased for prescribed bodyweight exercises (e.g., see Thursday). Further, modifications for those with a barbell and squat rack can be provided. 


Team Coaching Sign-Up


Weekly Meetings

In weekly discussions with Jason, group members will check-in, ask training-related questions, talk about the upcoming weekly training plan and goals, and learn about important topics and the science behind training. Weekly discussions would typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.

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